Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial

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Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Before you put any type of eyeshadows you have to make sure you have a base. Apply Urban Decay Foundation on your face.
  2. To start making your eyes use Coastal Scents Palette. It has not only different colours of eyeshadows but also blushes.
  3. Start with the tone one shade darker than your own skin tone. Use brush. Just put it all over your eyelid.
  4. Then take a fluffy brush and take something a bit lighter under the eyelid.
  5. Come back to your main brush and put something light and shimmering (maybe even frosty). Dab it under the eyebrows.
  6. Go back to the fluffy brush, take the same colour, put it into the inner part of your eye.
  7. Take a pencil brush (small brush), use any sort of black color. You can start with half way on your eye and smash it out. Then take some more on your lower lashes.
  8. Take black eyeliner pencil and do the waterline.
  9. Take Borjois Clubbing Mascara. Then you can put on your false lashes (use Ardell half lashes).
  10. Use MAC Blush for your cheeks. A little bit highter (near the eyes) use Bobby Brown Shimmer.
  11. For your lips use Nixie Lipstick (peachy color). To plump the lips use Barry M Essentials Lip Gloss (color Amber).

Tools and Products

  1. Urban Decay Foundation
  2. Coastal Scents Palette
  3. Black eyeliner
  4. Borjois Clubbing Mascara
  5. Ardell half lashes
  6. MAC Blush
  7. Bobbi Brown Shimmer
  8. Nixie Lipstick
  9. Barry M Essentials Lip Gloss



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